Geelong Small Business Festival

Coordinated by the City of Greater Geelong’s Economic Development Unit Enterprise Geelong, the Geelong Small Business Festival offers seminars, events and networking opportunities throughout August. The festival is celebrating its sixth year and will host sessions in Geelong, Torquay and Queenscliff.

Check out Samantha from Geelong Women's event on the Small Business Festival Victoria's calendar and make sure you make the most of this wonderful initiative and make it down to some of the fantastic events!

Connecting Women in Business


Everything you need to know being a woman in business in 2018!

Presented by Samantha Krajina, Geelong Women in Business.

The Impact Workshop, 54 Corio St, Geelong


Early Bird Tickets $20

General Tickets $25

Women are succeeding in business and entrepreneurship on great levels and are setting new records in the history of Business. We have found a market line where women are creating and driving the micro to small business sector, selling and engaging with one another, collaborating and supporting each other; and building empires doing it. They are also achieving the once unthinkable idea of “having it all” and are no longer playing by the work-life balance rules, but are now setting their own.

This workshop is an interactive workshop full of value with a Q&A session and faciliated networking session to close. This hotly debated topic will cover elements such as:

  • What you need to know before starting your own business

  • How to turn your passion into a profitable small enterprise

  • How to connect, network and collaborate with other businesses

  • How to balance your personal life from your business life.

  • What is the secret to having it all?

This is for any woman with a passion and wants to take an educated leap into business and entrepreneurship, for women who want to have it all and are looking for insight on how to successfully balance a family with a successful career. 


Is there someone or a business you want to be connected to in Geelong?

Would you like to opportunity to collaborate with Geelong Women in Business or one of it's partners?

Would you like the chance to showcase your business to a new audience?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you must be at this event as the facilitated networking event closing the event will do just that!


The workshop will be held by serial mumpreneur, Samantha Krajina, founder of Geelong Women in Business. With her background as an Accountant, Relationship Specialist, media regular and start-up investor, she understands the fundamentals to business and is well versed in the challenges women face professionally.

Canapes and beverages provided.

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