The Financial Education Summit

The 2019 Vinnie’s CEO Sleepout Fundraiser

Saturday, 15th June 2019

10am – 3pm

Australia Post Small Business Hive

Entry: Gold Coin Donation


Finance may not be your favorite subject, but understanding personal finances is necessary to afford the more fun aspects of your life. Without it, you may find yourself struggling to make ends meet or fight an out-of-control credit debt. Much like any form of literacy, financial literacy is essential to your ability to live a healthier and more fulfilling life now and in the future.


To be financially literate is to have the ability to understand and manage the financial areas of your life. This can involve budgeting, debt control, taxes, and investing. Much like digital literacy or literacy itself (reading and writing), financial literacy is an important skill to master.


Any improvement in financial literacy will have a profound impact on people and their ability to provide for their future. Recent trends are making it all the more imperative that consumers understand basic finances, because they are being asked to shoulder more of the burden of investment decisions and having to decipher more complex financial products and options.


For example, buying a home is an exciting time, however you may not be aware of all the financial aspects involved in purchasing a home and may find yourself facing unexpected costs or with a loan that does not suit your situation.


Understanding the real costs associated with buying a home, in addition to the purchase price, is imperative. We know how hard people work to save a house deposit, only to find they need to take a string of other fees out of that sum. We need to consider things such as Lenders Mortgage Insurance, Additional Costs (e.g. legal fees, stamp duty, etc.), Deposits, Conveyancing, Offset Accounts, Mortgage Brokers, Guarantors, First Home Owners Grants, Rebates and more!


Recent events within the financial industry have seen people now finding it very difficult to apply successfully for a loan, and the market is moving and changing frequently. The Financial Education Summit will give you an insight all the things you need to know when applying for a home loan and where to access support.


Basic financial education can be the difference between a family heading into poverty or homelessness, this year we are facilitating an event where all are welcome and there will be a plethora of education, resources and services available from industries such as Accounting, Finance, Banking, Real Estate & Home Builders, Insurance, etc.

As poverty and homelessness continue to impact the vulnerable in our communities, the demand for Vinnies’ financial welfare assistance continues to rise – proof that Victorians are relying more heavily on the generosity of charities and volunteers to survive.

Help us assist people in need within the Geelong community by signing up to sleep out or sponsoring a CEO today.

With the help of compassionate, generous and driven individuals like you we can help break the cycle of poverty.

Nominate, Register or Donate Today!

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Meet Nutritionist Maree O'Dwyer, Founder of Nourishing Life Nutrition!


Maree is a Clinical Nutritionist and a registered member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. 

She adopts a holistic approach to improving health outcomes for individuals. Maree understands how diet and lifestyle factors influence overall health. She works with her patients to develop short and long term goals in an effort to improve health and wellbeing. Most goals work towards prevention rather than a cure.


Located on Pakington St, make sure you pop in and say hello! Email Maree on: nourishinglifenutrition@outlook.com or call on 0411168916

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About Us

Hi my name is Samantha and I am the founder of Geelong Women in Business and am joined by a group of passionate and self-believing women who want to provide a platform to help support and contribute to the success of women in business and create a community of flourishing talent who have the desire to help and grow with one another to collectively launch thriving businesses and individuals in Geelong. 


With so much knowledge and expertise amoungst us, this is the place you come to share, inspire, teach and learn all under the one roof. We are passionate about empowering one another to reach for our dreams and to find happiness from achieving the ultimate fulfillment.


There is no force more powerful in this world than a woman determined to rise!




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Where are we?

Geelong Women in Business is located in the greatest co-working space in Geelong; The Impact Workshop.

The Impact Workshop is a purposeful community for coworking, meetings and events in the Geelong CBD. A space where businesses grow and make meaningful connections, as well as a positive impact on the world. 

You can find us in the TAC building, and join us for casual, part-time and full-time membership options within the compelling and active environment. Geelong Women ladies exclusively receive a FREE 2 day trial, so if you would like to come and work alongside us, connect and have some fun - get in touch!

The Impact Workshop is more than an office. Supported by Impact Investment Group and run by BCorp business Sprout Ventures, who are award-winning place activators and managers, the project aims to achieve significant social impact goals.

Want to claim your FREE TRIAL? Click the link below and thank us later ;)



We are so excited to be expanding our team and taking Geelong Women Committee Nominations! 

If you would like to be a part of the amazing Geelong Women Community and help us drive the direction and future of Geelong Women, please nominate yourself or someone you think would take this opportunity and do something wonderful with it to committee@geelongwomen.com.au

Nominations close Thursday, March 1st 2018.

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